Hosei University, established in 1880, is a Japanese university with a long and storied history.
Hosei has a wide range of academic fields with 15 undergraduate faculties and 38 departments, 15 graduate schools and 2 professional graduate schools from the arts to science. All of the programs are accredited by the Japanese government.
Hosei was selected as the Top Global University Project since 2014. This project is a government initiated project which provides prioritized support and funding for 37 selected universities among approximately 800 universities in Japan.
Hosei students are able to receive various kinds of support including financial support.

About IIST

Institute of Integrated Science and Technology, IIST, is a graduate program for studying integrated science and technology in English, which supports a sustainable global society. Today, with social activities rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly globalized, finding how to ensure sustainable development of various activities has become a crucial task. To comprehensively solve global-scale problems, the design and practice of systems based on scientific methods and employing advanced technologies are required.
IIST was established cooperatively by the Hosei University Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for the purpose of conducting cutting-edge research in their specialized scientific fields while setting up cross-major research fields to solve various problems toward a sustainable global society. IIST enables students to acquire practical wisdom necessary to tackle global issues, along with the deeply specialized knowledge in their majors. Also, Japanese Reinforcement Classes are provided as options to enrich the language skills of the students.

Majors & Curriculum

Each IIST student will belong to one of eight study majors. In addition to these, IIST provides a comprehensive learning environment which enables students to take interdisciplinary classes depending on the nature of their study. Namely there are six cross-major learning fields of study. There are more than 100 lecturers in various fields to prepare the environment for research. Master’s and doctoral thesis are mandatory.


Cross-Major Learning Fields