Scholarship & Grants

Tuition Reduction System for Self-supporting International Students

Hosei University has a tuition reduction system for self-supporting international students (regular students) as one of the financial assistance measures to provide an environment where students can devote themselves to their studies. Reduction rate for graduate students is 20%.
Students who wish to apply for tuition reduction need to submit an application within a specified deadline, following the instructions from Global Education Center at the beginning of the new academic year.


Scholarship information for graduate students will be informed on graduate school’s website, on the web bulletin board, or by e-mail. Information regarding types of scholarships, application methods and the list of scholarships (offered in the previous years) can be found in the Handbook for International Students.
» Handbook for International Students

Research Grants

The following research grants are available at graduate schools. Application Guidelines will be provide by the office of Graduate Schools.

  • Research Grant for Doctoral Course
  • Study Abroad Grant
  • Conference Presentation Grant
  • Grant for Publication of Outstanding Doctoral Thesis
  • Grant for Review of Papers/These in Foreign Languages
» Learn more about Research Grants. (Japanese Only *It’s possible to translate the website into English by using Google Translation)

IIST Daddy Longlegs Scholarship

IIST Daddy Longlegs Scholarship was founded based on the donation from a professor who belongs to Hosei University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering (name withheld by request).
The purpose of this scholarship is to support IIST Master’s course students from specific countries (Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, East Timor, Laos, and Vietnam) with good academic results who are willing to study further but have difficulties in concentrating on studies due to economic reasons. Amount of benefit is JPY 200,000 (annually) and there is no need to pay back. As to number of beneficiaries, a few students will be selected.
Application Guidelines will be posted on IIST’s website.


TA (Teaching Assistant)

This program provides graduate students a chance to work as an assistant, mainly offering advice to students and assisting with classes, practical trainings, and experiments. It’s a good chance for graduate students to gain experience in preparation for teaching and research in the future. Students who are employed as a TA will be paid for their work.

RA (Research Assistant)

This program provides graduate students a chance to participate in and assist research or educational projects conducted by Hosei University. Doctoral students from Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences and Graduate School of Science and Engineering are eligible for this program. This program is designed to cultivate graduate students’ ability to carry out research and to enhance the research system of the university. Students who are employed as a RA will be paid for their work.

Living Cost


Information on accommodation can be found in the handbook for international students and on the following website. More information will be provides at the time of admission.
» Handbook for International Students
» Learn more about Accommodation.



There are three libraries in Ichigaya, Tama, and Koganei campus, holding a total of approximately 1.73 million books (as of March 31, 2021). It’s possible to search and reserve materials using OPAC, an online catalog search system of Hosei University. In addition, various databases, e-journals, and “HOSEI Search,” a cross-search system, are also available.
About how to use the library and the opening calendars, please check the following website for more information.
» Learn more about the library.
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Global Lounge (G Lounge)

G Lounge is a foreign language communication space located on three campuses for students to talk in English, improve English language skills and learn about foreign cultures.
G Lounge (Koganei campus)
Location: 4th floor, Administration Building

Campus Stores/Cafeterias

Consumer cooperatives stores and other on campus stores provide books, stationery supplies, daily necessities and other products and servers at a reasonable price. Bank ATM corners are also available on campus.
Each campus has a student cafeteria. Menus are varied on each campus and the price per meal is approximately 220-500 yen.

Other Student Services

Handbook for International Students (created by Global Education Center)

Handbook for International Students contains information that will be useful for your campus life. Please read through this handbook and make use of it while studying at Hosei Unversity.
» Handbook for International Students

Health Clinics

Each campus has a health clinic that carries out periodic health exams once per year. These clinics also provide health consultations and guidance, as well as illness prevention, early detection and treatment activities.
Health Clinic (Koganei campus)
Location: 4th floor, Administration Building
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Student Counseling Office

Each campus has a student counseling office which is available to help students with worries and problems about school, the future, interpersonal relationships and daily life. All the visits are handled by specialist psychological counselors and psychiatrists. Of course, confidentiality is strictly maintained.
Student Counseling Office (Koganei campus)
Location: 4th floor, Administration Building
For inquiries and reservations: (at) (*Please change “(at)” to “@” when you send the Email.)
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