◆ Introduction of IIST

Institute of Integrated Science and Technology (IIST), a graduate program for studying integrated science and technology in English, which supports a sustainable global society, will be established at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Hosei University. Today, with social activities rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly globalized, finding how to ensure sustainable development of various activities has become a crucial task. To comprehensively solve global-scale problems, the design and practice of systems based on the scientific method and employing advanced technologies are required. IIST will be established cooperatively by the Hosei University Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for the purpose of conducting cutting-edge research in their specialized scientific fields while setting up cross-major research fields to solve various problems toward a sustainable global society. IIST will enable students to acquire practical wisdom necessary to tackle global issues, along with the deeply specialized knowledge in their majors.
IIST provides nine ICT related fields of study towards Master’s and Doctoral degrees.
  1. Global Information Systems
  2. Ubiquitous Network and Communication Systems
  3. Global Business Analysis and Planning
  4. Media and Information Processing
  5. Medical and Health Care System Design
  6. Advanced Bioscience and Chemical Engineering
  7. Advanced Research in Computer Sciences
  8. Advanced Research in Science and Engineering
  9. IIST Common Subjects
Students will also strengthen their expertise in one of six firm majors: Computer and Information Sciences, Applied Chemistry, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Applied Informatics, System Engineering or Frontier Bioscience. For your study planning at IIST, please contact us at hge@hosei.ac.jp providing us with your educational background and research interest.
In addition to the ICT related fields, doctoral degree programs for Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Frontier Bioscience are provided in IIST program.
Curriculum structure for the master’s program is shown below. Note that IIST includes optional Japanese reinforcement program for students aiming to become high-level bridge engineers for a Japanese IT company. All classes are taught in English. Doctoral program is focusing on advanced research work.
IIST covers nine cross-major fields mainly in information-related domains. The nine fields comprise the Global Information Systems field, to study establishing effective and efficient service systems in cyber society, which today has a cultural or economic scale almost equal to that of the real world; the Ubiquitous Network and Communication systems field, to study communication/networking technologies of various scales, from micro-devices to space communications; the Global Business Analyses and Planning field to deal with advanced mathematical analysis techniques and practices essential for global management and innovation; the Media and Information Processing field, to study methods of processing various media and big data information; and the Medical and Health Care System Design field for people’s health and QOL maintenance, which is becoming increasingly important with the aging of society. In addition to acquiring scientific knowledge in their specialized majors, enrolled students will be able to acquire practical knowledge and research abilities necessary to resolve global issues with high social needs through cross-major educational or research programs and internships or other programs offered with support from companies. For international students, IIST classes are conducted in English although, Japanese students who are interested in taking the classes in English, will also be able to attend the same classes. IIST gives opportunities to learn together in Koganei campus for both foreign students and Japanese ones.