IIST Daddy-longlegs Scholarship” has been opened.
This scholarship was founded based on the donation from a professor who belongs to Hosei University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering (name withheld by request).

The purpose of this scholarship is to support IIST Master’s course students from specific countries (Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, East Timor, Laos, and Vietnam) with good academic results who are willing to study further but have difficulties in concentrating on studies due to economic reasons.

Amount of benefit is JPY 200,000 (annually) and there is no need to pay back. As to number of beneficiaries, a few students will be selected. For details, please refer to the Application Guidelines attached here.

Graduate Schools Section, Koganei Campus (2nd floor of the Administrative Building)
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本年度も「IIST Daddy Longlegs Scholarship」の公募が開始されました。

小金井キャンパス  小金井事務部大学院課(管理棟)