IIST covers five cross-major fields mainly in information-related domains. The five fields comprise the Global Information Systems field, to study establishing effective and efficient service systems in cyber society, which today has a cultural or economic scale almost equal to that of the real world; the Ubiquitous Communication systems field, to study communication/networking technologies of various scales, from micro-devices to space communications; the Global Business Analyses and Planning field to deal with advanced mathematical analysis techniques and practices essential for global management and innovation; the Media and Information Processing field, to study methods of processing various media and big data information; and the Medical and Health Care System Design field for people’s health and QOL maintenance, which is becoming increasingly important with the aging of society.

In addition to acquiring scientific knowledge in their specialized majors, enrolled students will be able to acquire practical knowledge and research abilities necessary to resolve global issues with high social needs through cross-major educational or research programs and internships or other programs offered with support from companies. For international students, IIST classes are conducted in English although, Japanese students who are interested in taking the classes in English, will also be able to attend the same classes. IIST gives opportunities to learn together in Koganei campus for both foreign students and Japanese ones.

Cross-field courses
IIST(Institute of Integrated Science and Technology)
An integrated science and technology institute that supports a sustainable global society