Genci Capi

Genci Capi
Mechanical Engineering
Human Assistive Robotics Lab.
Research Fields
My research field is on intelligent robots a focus on brain machine interface, robot navigation and deep learning.
Intelligent robotics, Humanoid robot, Robot navigation, BMI
In Human Assistive Robotics Lab we are working in the following research topics:
1) BMI
The goal of this research group is to map the brain signals to the robot motion with a high accuracy. Therefore, we are implementing transfer learning and evolutionary computation to achieve this goal.
2) Robot navigation in indoor and outdoor environments
Robots navigation in highly dynamic human environments mast be adaptive and take real time complex decisions. In our work, we are focused on human like robot localization, obstacle avoidance and goal directed navigation.
3) Agriculture robot
We are developing an intelligent robot that consists of three subsystems: 1) The wheel-type actuated system; 2) A parallel link arm and 3) Fertilizer system. The robot utilizes the visual information and the Convolution Neural Networks to recognize the target plants. We are performing experiments for spinach recognition, fertilizer dispenser and killing the weeds.