Keping YU

Keping YU
Applied Informatics
Network Intelligence and Security Laboratory
Research Fields
Intelligent network scheduling and optimization, network security and trust, standardization of future networks
Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptography, rumor/spammer detection, future networks
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies, the future network will become smarter and more secure. Future networks need embedded intelligence to allow better agility, resiliency, faster customization, and security. Network intelligence can use data, algorithms, and special technologies to monitor and analyze network information in real-time while ensuring a smooth and secure customer experience. The Network Intelligence and Security Laboratory is a research group focused on the discovery and application of network intelligence and security in promoting and accelerating the innovation of communication networks. Our research interests include but are not limited to:

• Intelligent network resources scheduling and optimization
• Intelligent analysis of in-network big data
• Network intrusion detection and prevention
• Intelligent rumor/spammer detection
• Applications of network intelligence and security methodologies on the Internet of things, digital twin, cyber-physical systems, etc.
• ITU-T standardization for intelligence and security of future networks