Soichiro HIDAKA

Soichiro HIDAKA
Computer and Information Sciences
Infrastructure Software Laboratory
Research Fields
Programming Languages, Program Transformations, Bidirectional Transformations and their Applications to Model Driven Engineering
Programming Languages, Program Transformations, Bidirectional Transformations
Information systems usually consist of coordinated subsystems where changes in one subsystem (because of mitigation of newly discovered security vulnerabilities, for example) should be propagated to other subsystems in order to maintain consistency.

Our laboratory has been studying systematic construction of infrastructure software such as bidirectional transformation systems for change propagation and has proposed synchronization strategies such as those considering conflicts among updates.

We are also investigating foundations and applications of bidirectional transformations, integration of security requirements into specifications, on the basis of semantics of programming languages.

We will continue to focus on programming language aspects, collaborating with experts and centers of excellence on related research fields such as databases and model driven engineering, aiming at constructing more robust and efficient software systems.