Atsushi KANAI

Atsushi KANAI
Applied Informatics
Information Network and Security
Research Fields
Communications Network, Cyber Security, Internet Protocol, Web Service
Cyber Attack Detection, Privacy Preservation, IoT Security, Security Fatigue, Network Switch Acceleration
 Various innovative new services that enrich people and make people convenient have been rapidly realized with the spread of the Internet. Along with that, society has been greatly changing so that it’s called a fourth industrial revolution. As a background, ICT(Information and Communication Technologies) such as AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet of Things), cloud computing and robot technology are dramatically evolving. On the other hand, there simultaneously occur a lot of various problems that society and technology cannot keep up with the rapid change. In these situation, the most important issue in various problems is security. Generally, security has a negative image as defense against cyber-attacks, however, it will not be possible to realize various new services using the network without security technology. In that sense, it is important to research and develop security technologies in the positive sense to create unknown marvelous services and technologies.

 Our laboratory conducts a wide range of research related to cyber security from technical aspects to social sciences, for example, safe use of public cloud services using secret sharing scheme, slow DOS (Denial of Service) attack detection and defense technologies, safe use of public WiFi (against Evils Twin (a kind of rogue access point) attack detection), BOT (a kind of malware) infection detection by network traffic monitoring, safe mechanism for IoT environment using SDN(Software Defined Network)and blockchain scheme, privacy preserving for SNS (Social Networking Service) and metric development for degree of security fatigue and countermeasure against security fatigue from the view point of management and technology.