Jianhua MA

Jianhua MA
Computer and Information Sciences
Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory
Research Fields
Ubiquitous Intelligence, Smart IoT, Wearable Technology, Affective Computing, Digital Twin
Smart object, wearable device, radar sensor, intelligent sensing, activity recognition, cyber individual (Cyber-I), emotional and personalized AI

Along with continuous miniaturization of IC/MEMS chips, sensors and computers are getting smaller and tiny, and can be integrated within everyday objects. Ubiquitous Computing is focused on these computer-embedded smart objects for their intelligent sensing, networking, processing, and serving. Such smart/intelligent objects are everywhere in our daily life, able to be worn by us or even implanted inside human/animal body. Ubiquitous Computing is a fundamental trend of ICT technology, with wide research scopes and broad applications. Our mission is to automatically collect big data from the ubiquitous objects and innovatively make smarter applications with human-like intelligence, emotion, and personality. Our research topics include but are not limited to the following.
■ Acquisition and processing of data from smart objects, e.g., sensor-embedded chair and mirror, and wearable devices, e.g., smart watch and glasses
■ Extraction and monitoring of human/animal vital signs, e.g., respiration, heartbeat and eyeblink, using contactless radar sensors as well as contact IMU sensors
■ Networking and computing of various kinds of smart IoT objects for their collaboration to intelligently accomplish assigned tasks such as healthcare
■ Detection and analysis of human/animal activities and behaviors using data from the smart objects, wearables, radars, etc. based on machine/deep learning
■ Recognition and predication of mental states, e.g., happiness and stress, and physiological states, e.g., drowsiness and fatigue, for making emotional AI applications
■ Inference and fusion of human personality using personal big data from multi sources for making personalized AI and digital twins