Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Human Harmonic Sensing & Control Laboratory
Research Fields
Intelligent Robotics, Control / System Engineering, Power Electronics
Human Augmentation, Wireless Power Transmission, Virtual Reality
 We are researching Augmented Human (AH) technology to maintain and improve mind and body functions from the perspective of individual adaptation. Especially, we are aiming to seek for the technology of personally customized AH, since it is still in the research and development stage. It should be designed as a system which continuously evolve as you use, considering cognitive and physical characteristics and difference among users. For example, VR locomotion interface which doesn’t require wide real spaces, blood flow promotion system, and wearable behavior navigation system, are now on-going. Technologies such as human sensing & modeling, machine learning (AI), control and system engineering are required to tackle with these systems.

 Moreover, to put the wide range of AH applications into practical use, we are also concentrating on wireless power transmission technology which could automatically charge the wearable & mobile sensors and actuators, acting as a main components of AH systems.

 Especially, we are working on magnetic resonance coupling type wireless power transmission since it is suitable for daily life use due to its safety to human and mid-range power transmission. The research on wireless power transmission requires basic knowledge in power electronics and control engineering.