BUSALIRE Onesmus Emeka
Country / Region
Graduate School
Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
Computer and Information Sciences
Year of Graduation
2018 (Master’s degree)
Prof. Shaoying Liu
Research Theme
Integrating functional and security requirements analysis using SOFL for software security assurance
Current Workplace / School (Occupation)
Hosei University (Doctoral Student)

Q1 Why did you choose IIST and Hosei University?

In my search for a Japanese university to pursue my master’s degree program, I was keen on finding a university that will offer me a wholistic experience in terms of pursuing an English based program and at the same time offer an authentic share of both Japanese culture and experience. While going through a list of potential universities, Hosei University’s IIST program caught my attention for two reasons. 1st, the program was curated specifically as an English based graduate program for those interested in pursuing research disciplines in integrated science and technology. 2nd, the program also offered comprehensive Japanese reinforcement classes as optionals giving students a chance to enrich their mastery of the Japanese language while at the same time get an understanding of the Japanese culture. These two factors made Hosei University stand out as my university of choice among other options that I had at hand. Looking back at the experiences I got through my master’s program, the research resources that were made at my disposal including webinars, workshops with international guest speakers as well as close research guidance from my professor which made me sail through my master’s program with ease, I can confidently say it was a wise decision to settle for Hosei University.

Q2 What kind of job or research are you doing now? How are you making use of your learning and experience that you earned at IIST?

I am currently pursuing a doctorate program at Hosei university, working on extending my masters research by providing a practical model driven approach for designing security aware RESTful web APIs using SOFL. My goal is to enrich the research output coming out of Hosei IIST program by contributing directly to the industrial methodologies that promote development of secure software applications, which work towards supporting a sustainable global society.

Q3 Give a message to prospective IIST students.

If you are looking at pursuing an English based program in a Japanese university while at the same time get a rich experience of the Japanese culture, Hosei University’s IIST program will definitely be a good fit for your preference. The rich set of resources that will be at your disposal from laboratories equipment, student support research grants and international welfare programs will enable you lead a comfortable academic and social life throughout your graduate program.

The above information is at the time of the interview.