DAIF Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud
Country / Region
Graduate School
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Applied Informatics
Year of Graduation
2020 (Master’s degree)
Prof. Hitoshi Iyatomi
Research Theme
Natural Language Processing
Current Workplace / School (Occupation)
Ficha Japan (Algorithm Engineer)

Q1 How was your campus life?

Campus life at Hosei University was quite a unique and a very enjoyable experience. From the first day I got a very positive vibe from the very friendly and helpful staff to the amazing professors and students. I was always supported through everything I needed in Japan even if it’s not related to my studies. I still remember the first email I got from my professor Iyatomi sensei and the director of the IIST program at that time Yana sensei. They helped me make my transition to Japan very smooth, and upon arrival they continued their support as well as the really amazing school stuff. Besides that, the learning curriculum was really amazing, and up to the expectations which helped me level up my skills greatly through the different variety of top courses offered at the IIST program, of course in English. As well as my professor’s continued support throughout my research, something that I still yield the fruits of at my current job everyday thanks to him. I also enjoyed my social life whether with good relationships I made with other IIST students that are still with me till today, or with the Japanese students who helped me and continue to help me explore the Japanese culture and enjoy Japan from many different aspects. I really took maximum advantage from my campus life at Hosei university and I would recommend it to anyone.

Q2 What kind of job or research are you doing now? How are you making use of your learning and experience that you earned at IIST?

My current job role is an algorithm engineer. I do deep learning research and development in computer vision and natural language processing fields. This is exactly the kind of research I learned at Hosei university and especially thanks to my professor Iyatomi sensei and the senior students at my lab. Thanks to that I got the skill of being able to develop and train deep learning models efficiently as well as being able to read and execute the top research in the field. What I learned at Hosei university is what I do everyday at my job

Q3 Give a message to prospective IIST students.

Hosei university is a great place for your personal and academic life as well as your careers. The IIST program is a unique program that will offer you many learning opportunities that will help you grow immensely. I advise you to take advantage of every opportunity given to you at Hosei university and try to develop good relationships with your colleagues, whether they are international students or Japanese students, that’s how you will be able to grow, enjoy your studies and life in Japan, as well as open the door to many opportunities.

The above information is at the time of the interview.