Country / Region
Graduate School
Graduate School of Computer and Information Science
Computer and Information Sciences
Year of Graduation
2020 (PhD)
Prof. Yuji Sato
Research Theme
Evolutionary computation
Current Workplace / School (Occupation)
Hubei University of Economics (Lecturer)

Q1 How was your campus life?

Studying at Hosei University is an amazing experience. When I first came to Hosei University, I could only speak very simple Japanese words like ‘how much’ and ‘hello’. Hosei University offers free Japanese classes which helped me pass the JLPT N2 before graduation. The Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences of Hosei University is located at Koganei City of Tokyo. Koganei is a pretty and clean city with convenient transportation. The Koganei Campus of Hosei University is near Koganei Park, which is very large and beautiful. The Koganei Campus has two dining halls on campus, and both provide cheap and delicious food. The relaxed and convenient campus life ensures that I can devote more time to my research.

Q2 What kind of job or research are you doing now? How are you making use of your learning and experience that you earned at IIST?

After graduation from Hosei University, I worked in the Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University for one year. My main job was to use machine learning tools to identify neuronal cells. Then I returned to China. Currently, I am a lecturer at the Hubei University of Economics. My job includes doing research and directing the graduation thesis of undergraduate students. When I was at Hosei University, I had worked as a teaching assistant and a research assistant. These experiences made me familiar with the working environment of the university. Also, Professor Sato taught me to be meticulous while doing research, and now I can teach these to my students.

Q3 Give a message to prospective IIST students.

Whether you want to be an engineer or a scientist in the future, IIST is a right choice. Here you can get the world’s leading research resources and innovative research atmosphere. You can choose different courses according to your major and interests. Hosei University has special funds to support students to participate in academic conferences and publish papers. Also, there are different types of scholarships here. Hence, both your life and your research can be supported at IIST. After graduation, if you want to find a job in Japan, Hosei University has the ‘Employment Counseling Office’ where you can get information and help. So in various senses, IIST is your right choice.

The above information is at the time of the interview.