Country / Region
Graduate School
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Applied Informatics
Year of Graduation
2021 (Master’s degree)
Prof. Akihiro Fujii
Research Theme
Natural Language Processing/ Internet of Things/ Computer Vision
Current Workplace / School (Occupation)
Hosei University (Doctoral Student)

Q1 What kind of research did you do at IIST?

My research direction is natural language processing. Nowadays, the success of language representation models benefits from their “overparameterized” nature, resulting in training time consuming, high computational complexity and superior requirement of devices. How to compress and accelerate the model to balance the performance and running speed has become one of the most popular research difficulties. I mainly focus on algorithm enhancement to address this kind of open challenge. This also responds to the trend of resource and energy conservation demands. And I also devote to combine informatics technology with many other popular industries with practical significance.

Q2 What kind of job or research are you doing now? How are you making use of your learning and experience that you earned at IIST?

To a certain extent, Professor Fujii and IIST influenced my life path. Now I am honored to be a Ph.D student at Hosei. It is generally said that learning from a child is a process of constantly understanding this world. Until you become a master student, you will find what you are interested in and good at. However, when you become a doctor, all you have to do is finding a point to break through in this field, innovate and change the world through the knowledge accumulated since childhood. For me, through this two-years as a master student at Hosei, I have found the direction I want to devote to. Now as a doctor student, as Professor Fujii always says: to become an innovator. That is what influences me all the way.

Q3 Give a message to prospective IIST students.

You can not only receive the best education here, but also make international friends from all over the world, which is very important for your future life path. From the first day I entered Hosei university, I have been influenced by these words for a long time, and now, I also want to pass on these to you guys: to be a useful person to the society. Here, in Hosei, in IIST, you can do that.

The above information is at the time of the interview.