Country / Region
Graduate School
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Applied Informatics
Year of Graduation
2021 (Master’s degree)
Assoc. Prof. Jinjia Zhou
Research Theme
Deep learning-based Image Enhancement
Current Workplace / School (Occupation)
Hosei University (Doctoral Student)

Q1 What kind of research did you do at IIST?

Deep learning-based video compressive sensing reconstruction (VCSR) technologies have achieved tremendous success in improving the quality of the reconstructed video. However, the reconstructed video quality at low bit rates or high compression ratios still dissatisfies with the requirement in practice. Therefore, when I did research at IIST, our team proposed a video compressive sensing reconstruction method with joint in-loop reference enhancement and out-loop super-resolution (JVCSR), which focuses on removing reconstruction noises, blocking artifacts and increasing the resolution simultaneously. As an in-loop part, the enhanced frame is utilized as a reference to improve the recovery performance of current frame. As a result, our JVCSR can improve average of 1.47 dB PSNR by comparing with state-of-the-art compressive sensing methods at the similar bit rate.

Q2 How was your campus life?

As a master student, my campus life at IIST is pretty good. On the one hand, there is a good academic atmosphere, most students studied hard in the laboratory every day. The supervisor was willing to give help and guidance at any time when we encountered problems or came up with some good proposals. On the other hand, since the students at IIST come from various countries and regions, I had gained a lot of international friendships, and we studied, chatted, laughed in the room of laboratory. Whether it is a problem in study or in life, we always talk to each other just like brothers and sisters. To be honest, the things happened during that period are my precious and unforgettable memories in my entire life, I appreciate that for real.

Q3 Give a message to prospective IIST students.

Became an IIST student in Hosei University is one of the best decisions in my entire life. In my point of view, I had gained a lot of precious things, including but not limited in professional knowledge, linguistic ability, and friendships. That is also the reason why I chose to continue being a Ph.D student at IIST. If you also want to obtain these excellent memories and broaden your horizons, just choose IIST without hesitation, and it will not let you down. Welcome to IIST, welcome to Hosei University.

The above information is at the time of the interview.