Introduction of Faculty Members(5/19/2017)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences

Major in Computer and Information Sciences [Master’s and Doctoral]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas


  • Intellect engineering
  • Information compilation technology based on story structure; management, search and visualization techniques for knowledge media; science of historical knowledge and so forth

Katsunobu ITO

  • Speech processing, Multimodal dialogue systems, Music information processing
  • Speech recognition, multimodal dialogue systems, speech interfaces, information retrieval, music information processing, data science


  • Pattern and image recognition and its applications
  • Applications of pattern and image recognition, biometrics, real-world innovation with information science


  • Geometric modeling, CG, animation
  • Hybrid volume modeling, which include mathematical models, numerical methods, software algorithms, and programming realization

Satoshi OBANA

  • Encryption, Information security
  • Encrypting protocols, including secret sharing schemes and secure evaluation

Takafumi KOIKE

  • 3D imaging technology, Computer graphics, Augmented reality
  • Real world-oriented media, optical information processing, physical computing, real-time rendering, computational photography

Nobuhiko KOIKE

  • Parallel and distributed processing architectures and their applications
  • Research into practical applications for SMP PCs and PC clusters, intelligent parallel processing applications, implementation of distributed and parallel processing environments


  • Programming language processing systems, Domain-specific languages, Attribute grammars
  • Programming language processing system implementation technologies and theory


  • Evolutionary computation, Intelligent computing, Soft computing
  • Genetic algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms, Swarm Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic and/or Multimodal problems, Distributed evolutionary computation, Evolutionary multi-objective optimization

Yasunari ZEMPO

  • Computational methodology and computational materials science, Development of new computational algorithms in large-scale parallel computers
  • High perfomance computing and its applications such as optical propergations and optical properties of materials


  • Algebraic coding theory and its applications
  • Aasymptotically good algebraic coodes, Weight enumerators, Maximum distance separable codes


  • Image processing and recognition, Remote sensing, Image measurement
  • Remote sensing, image processing for medical purposes, facial recognition, and mobile camera applications

Soichiro HIDAKA

  • Programming languages, Infrastructure software
  • Programming languages, Program transformation, Bidirectional transformations and their applications to model dirven engineering


  • Internet, Operating systems, Ubiquitous computing
  • Dynamic relay control mechanisms for distributed virtual routers


  • Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Neural network, Data mining and knowledge fusion
  • Knowledge representation and configuration, Knowledge discovery and fusion, Human cognitive process modeling, Associative memory and recall modeling


  • High speed XML processing, Web services, Service-oriented software
  • Service strategy modeling, social simulation analyses, basic technologies for implementing the XML and Web services that sustain the service industry-centered society

Hiroshi HOSOBE

  • User interfaces, Information visualization, Computer graphics, Constraint programming
  • Mathematical approaches to the construction of visual and interactive systems

Jianhua MA

  • Ubiquitous network and computing, smart object, space and service, autonomic and trusted system
  • Ubiquitous networking and communication

Shuichi YUKITA

  • Visualization of geometrical and abstract mathematical concepts
  • Using diagrams and other methods to visualize abstract concepts

Shaoying Liu

  • Software engineering, Automatic Software Testing, Formal engineering methods for Software Quality Assurance, Software Error Prevention, Intelligent software engineering environment
  • Testing-Based Formal Verification, Automatic Test Data Generation, Automatic Program Inspection and Analysis, Formal Specification, Safety and Security Verficiation and Testing

Yamin LI

  • Computer architectures, Parallel and distributed systems, Mobile ad hoc networks
  • Interconnection networks, routing and broadcasting algorithms


  • Character recognition, Distortion-tolerant image matching, Pattern recognition
  • Text detection and character recognition in scene images, object tracking, and human behavior recognition

Graduate School of Science and Engineering 

Major in Mechanical Engineering [Doctoral only]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas

Kazuyoshi ARAI

  • Composite materials, Aerospace structural materials, Strength of materials
  • High velocity impact, Sand erosion, Bird strike

Chiharu ISHII

  • Control engineering, Medical robotics, Rehabilitation engineering, Assistive technology
  • Development of laparoscopic surgical robot, power assist suit, myoelectric prosthetic hand and its sensory feedback system, etc.

Hiroaki OSAWA

  • Advanced materials engineering
  • Light metal sheet forming, Superplasticity, Non-Ferrous alloys

Tadashige KAWAKAMI

  • Combustion engineering, Energy conversion engineering
  • Combustion, Internal combustion engine, Emission, Blended fuel

Kiyotaka SAKINO

  • Fracture mechanics, Material properties
  • Strength of materials, Impact engineering

Genci Capi

  • Intelligent Assistive Robotics, Multi-Robot Systems
  • Wheelchair Robot, Robot navigation, Industrial robot object recognition, Evolutionary Robotics, Neural Networks


  • Mechanics of materials, Materials science, Micromechanics
  • Functionally graded materials, Plastic forming, high-temperature composites, Creep, Powder metallurgy


  • Computational fluid dynamics, Fluid machinery
  • Turbomachinery, Highly loaded turbine cascade, Secondary flow loss reduction


  • Reacting fluid dynamics, Gas turbine combustion, Liquid atomization and spraying
  • Low NOx combustion, Spray diagnostics and combustion, Low emissions gas turbine technology

Motohisa HIRANO

  • Nanotribology, Atomistics of friction, Computational mechanics
  • Atomistic simulation of friction, Atomic-scale measurement of friction, Computational mechanics of bulk materials


  • Mechanical acoustics, Environmental engineering, Aviation technology
  • Noise control, Aeroacoustics, Sound quality, Small fan design, Aircraft design, 3D printing

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering [Master’s and Doctoral]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas

Kazuyuki ITO

  • Perceptual information processing and intelligent robotics, Intelligent mechanics and mechanical systems, Systems engineering
  • Intelligent robotics, Rescue robot

Yoshihumi OKAMOTO

  • Computational Electromagnetics Optimal Design, Multi-physics High-speed Large-scale Computation
  • Finite Element Method, Topology Optimization, Adjoint Variable Method, Parallel Computation, Electrical Machine

Toshimichi SAITO

  • Nonlinear circuits, Neural networks, Swarm intelligence, Power electronics
  • Binary Neural Networks, Chaotic Circuits, Stability Analysis, Particle Swarm Optimization


  • Functional element engineering
  • Finite-difference time-domain method, Terahertz devices, Sensors

Jinjia Zhou

  • Master's only
  • Algorithms and ASIC/FPGA architectures for multimedia signal processing
  • Low-power, high-performance, VLSI design, video coding, HEVC, H.264/AVC, compressive sensing


  • Electronic circuit engineering, Control engineering
  • Analog-Digital converter, Digital-Analog Converter, Analog Integrated Circuit, Analog RF circuit, Digital Direct Driven Technique, Digtal Speaker, Multi-coil Motor


  • Electromagnetic wave transmission engineering, Design of passive optical devices
  • Beam-propagation method, Polarization converter, Surface wave antennas

Major in Applied Informatics [Master’s and Doctoral]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas


  • KANSEI information engineering
  • visual pattern recognition systems, facial image synthesis, human information processing


  • Master's only
  • Intelligent information processing, Image recognition and analysis, Medical engineering
  • Deep learning, computer vision, machine learning, image proecssing, text mining, medical engineering

Koichi OGAWA

  • Image processing, Medical imaging
  • computed tomography, image processing, medical imaging, x-ray detector, simulation technology

Atsushi KANAI

  • Data networks and security, Data comunications and security
  • Cyber security, Internet protocol, Web service, Privacy preserving


  • IT engineering, Ubiquitous networks, Wireless networks, Optical measurement
  • Intra-body communication, Electro-magnetic shielding, Organic photovoltaics, Optical coherence tomography


  • Master's only
  • Biological information processing
  • Vision, Memory, Neural networks, Machine learning

Akihiro FUJII

  • Distributed system design
  • Web Service, Semanitc Web, Collective Intelligence


  • Master's only
  • Programming languages
  • User Interfaces, Software engineering

Kazuo YANA

  • Data processing engineering
  • Ubiquitous health care system, biosignal big data processing, Mental stress test via heart rate variability, Cardiac risk assessment

Lei LI

  • Intelligent information engineering, Algorithms
  • Fast Algoritms, Parallel Algorithms, Soft Computing, the Computational Complexity

Koichi WADA

  • Theoretical computer science
  • Computation, Parallel/Distributed Algorithms, Computer Aided Education

Major in Systems Engineering and Science (Advanced Sciences Track) [Doctoral only]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas

Sadanori OKAMURA

  • Galactic astronomy, Observational cosmology
  • galaxies, clusters of galaxies, early universe, astronomical image processing

Takashi KASUGA

  • Radio astronomy, Developing highly sensitive electromagnetic wave detection technologies
  • Radio astronomy, Developing highly sensitive electromagnetic wave detection technologies

Yutaka KATO

  • Probability theory, Operations research
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process


  • Sensing engineering, Sensor signal processing
  • mobile robot, outdoor navigation, intelligent sensing

Shuichi SATO

  • Gravitational wave physics, Experimental tests of general theory of relativity
  • Gravitational wave, Laser interferometory


  • Graph grammar, Time series processing, Artificial intelligence
  • Complex systems, Traffic flow, Machine Language processing


  • Ergonomics, Human factors, Human information sensing
  • Ergonomics, Human factors, Human information sensing


  • Information engineering
  • Distributed systems, Computer networks, Distributed dabases

Tetsuo TAMAI

  • Software engineering
  • software modeling, requirements engineering, self-adaptive systems

Yasuyoshi HORIBATA

  • Simulation engineering, Numerical analysis, Computational physics
  • numerical simulation, optimization, data assimilation, parallel computing


  • Laser spectroscopy, Atomic and molecular physics, Quantum electronics
  • laser spectroscopy of atoms and molecules, laser ablation processes


  • Databases, Machine Learning
  • Data Models, Data Bases, Data Mining, Statistical Learning

Major in Systems Engineering and Science (Management Science Track) [Master’s and Doctoral]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas


  • Master's only
  • Nonlinear integrable systems
  • Integrable systems, Difference equations, Cellular automata, Ultradiscretization


  • Financial engineering
  • Derivative pricing, No aribitrage, Black-Scholes formulas

Toshiyuki KATSURA

  • Coding theory, Algebraic geometry
  • K3 surface, Calabi-Yau variety, Elliptic surface, Abelian variety, Algebraic geometric code

Mitsuhiro KIMURA

  • Reliability engineering, Quality control engineering
  • Mathematical reliability modeling, Software reliability, Reliability and Quality data analysis

Hiroyuki GOTO

  • Operations research, High-performance computing
  • Discrete event systems, scheduling, geographic computation


  • Master's only
  • Mathematical engineering,Discrete mathematics
  • Combinatorial optimization,Graph algorithm,Matching theory

Nobuyuki TAMURA

  • Applied probability theory, Operations research
  • Optimal maintenance policy, Degradation process modeling, imperfect maintenance


  • Master's only
  • Operations research
  • Discrete algorithms, Scheduling,Combinatorial optimization


  • Economic engineering
  • Economic statistics, System of national accounts, Econometric analysis

Tatsuyoshi MIYAKOSHI

  • Applied financial analysis
  • Financial crisis, Japanese and Asian financial system

Kazuhiro YASUDA

  • Master's only
  • Stochastic analysis, Mathematical finance
  • Stochastic differential equations, Derivative pricing, Portfolio optimization, Stochastic numerical analysis

Major in Applied Chemistry [Master’s and Doctoral]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas


  • Inorganic materials chemistry, solid state electrochemistry
  • Solid state reactions, Joining, Sintering, Grain growth, Oxidation, High temperature, Ionic onduction


  • Inorganic synthetic chemistry
  • Ceramic material,Laser synthesis,Wet chmeical synthesis,Photocatalyst,Optical Material

Hironori OGATA

  • Materials Science,Solid state chemistry
  • Organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials,Biomass-based materials,Development of new functional nanomaterials for energy and sustainability and their device applications


  • Organo main group element chemistry; organometallic chemistry
  • Maig group element,Silicon,Boron,Organic synthesis


  • Polymer chemistry,Organic chemistry
  • Biodegradable polymer,Conjugated polymer,Fluoropolymer,Water-soluble polymer

Kazuyuki TAKAI

  • Materials Science,Physical Chemistry
  • Electronic and energy devices,Catalytic activity,Graphene,2D-Materials,Electronic properties

Takamasa MORI

  • Chemical engineering,powder technology
  • Slurry,Suspension,Dispersion control of nano particles


  • Chemical and biomedical engineering
  • Transport phenomena in biological systems and in medical devices,Drug delivery systems

Major in Frontier Bioscience (Frontier Bioscience Field)  [Master’s and Doctoral]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas

Tomoyuki KANEKO

  • Biophysics, cell biology
  • Liposome, cell reconstruction, community effect, cardiomyocyte, multi- electrode array, cardiotoxicity, agarose microchamber


  • Molecular biology, Biophysics
  • Bacteria, signal transduction, receptor, molecular machine, protein structure and function, gene expression

Tsutomu SATO

  • Molecular biology
  • Virus, phage, bacteria, differentiation, DNA recombination, gene expression

Yoshiyuki SOWA

  • Biophysics
  • Molecular Motor, single-molecule detection


  • Biophysical chemistry, Protein science, Biomolecular spectroscopy
  • Hemoproteins, allostery, protein hydration, macromolecular crowding, protein refolding, microcalorimetry

Masafumi HIRONO

  • Cell biology, Molecular biology
  • Cytoskeleton, centrosome, cilia, flagella, cell motility, cell division


  • Phototrophic biology
  • cyanobacteria, photosynthesis, photosystem, lipid, environmental stress

Kaneyoshi YAMAMOTO

  • Molecular biology, Genome biology
  • bacteria, transcription regulation, gene expression, nucleoide, signal transduction

Major in Frontier Bioscience (Clinical Plant Science Field)  [Master’s and Doctoral]

  • Keywords
  • Academic Areas


  • Plant clinical science
  • Plant fungal disease, Ecologigal control


  • Clinical Plant Genomics
  • Phytoplasma, plant pathogenic bacteria, genome

Toshio SANO

  • Plant nutrition and physiology
  • Plant physiological disease, Mineral transporter, Mycorrhizal fungi, Plant tissue culture


  • Botanical medicine, Applied entomology, Plant acarology
  • Insect pest control, IPM

Takeshi NISHIO

  • Botanical medicine
  • Plant virology, Epidemiology


  • Plant pathology, Botanical medicine
  • Plant pathogenic bacteria, molecular diagnostic of plant disease

Sample lectures

1.Prof. Genci Capi
「Intelligent Assistive Robots Operating in Real Environments」

Soon robots are expected to operate in our homes, hospitals and offices. Therefore, they have to process multiple sensors data and adapt the policy as the environment changes. In this talk, I will overview the existing efforts including our attempts at creating intelligent robots operating in everyday life environments. In particular, I will focus on remotely operating surveillance robot, robot navigation in urban environments, and assistive humanoid robot. I will show experimental results that demonstrate the effectiveness of proposed algorithms.

2.Assoc. Prof. Jinjia Zhou
「A 4Gpixel/s 8/10b H.265/HEVC Video Decoder Chip for 8K Ultra HD Applications」

8K Ultra HD is being promoted as the next-generation digital video format. From a communication channel perspective, the latest high-efficiency video coding standard (H.265/HEVC) greatly enhances the feasibility of 8K by doubling the compression ratio. Implementation of such codecs is a challenge, owing to ultrahigh throughput requirements and increased complexity per pixel. The former corresponds to up to 10b/pixel, 7680×4320pixels/frame and 120fps-80× larger than 1080p HD. The latter comes from the new features of HEVC relative to its predecessor H.264/AVC. The most challenging of them is the enlarged and highly variable-size coding/prediction/transform units (CU/PU/TU), which significantly increase: 1) the requirement for on-chip memory as pipeline buffers, 2) the difficulty in maintaining pipeline utilization, and 3) the complexity of inverse transforms (IT). This talk presents an HEVC decoder chip supporting 8K Ultra HD, featuring a 16pixel/cycle true-variable-block-size system pipeline. The pipeline: 1) saves on-chip memory with a novel block-in-block-out (BIBO) queue system and a parameter delivery network, and 2) allows high design efficiency and utilization of processing components through local synchronization. Key optimizations at the component level are also presented.